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معرفی: طبقه همکف, ملک جديد - کمتر از 5 سال, زمین خصوصي, محيط امن, ملک حيرت آور, نزديک به شهر

امکانات: استخر خصوصی, اسکلت بتنی, آسانسور , طرح بندي پسنديده, وضعيت کامل, آشپزخانه اپن, پارکت چوبی, کولرگازی/ایرکاندیشن, کولر, بخاري گازي, شوفاژ, گاز, شیشه دو جداره, آنتن مرکزی, آی فون, آی فون تصویری, استخر عمومی, نور گیر, رو به آفتاب, حياط, حیاط باغ مانند, فضای مشترک, حياط خصوصي, زمين بازي, تمیز و مرتب

مساحت زمین: 25500 متر
مساحت ساخت: 125 متر
متوسط ارتفاع سقف: 2.70 متر
تعداد کل طبقات: 4
ارتفاع سقف: 270.00 متر

توضیحات: Everything you value is all around you. Elysium Serene Kandilli is located on a plato 25.500 m2 which %85 of it is kept as a green area. The designs worthy of the beuaty of the Bosphorus Elysium Serene Kandilli awaits its new residents. Every detail is considered in the facility to make the residants feel like they are at a holiday resort with their loved ones. *Garden Flats with its own garden as well as common garden. *Gated residential development with 24 hour security and CCTV camera *A fully fitted kitchen cupboards with top of the appliences *All the white goods included in the price: refrigerator, washing machine, dishwasher, stove, garbage disposal, smoke jake, oven *Fitted wardrobes *3 airconditions as in salon, master bedroom and kitchen *Outdoor and indoor smimming pools *Beauty salon *Fitness Center *Tennis Court *Children playgound area *Cafe *Steam room & Sauna *İndoor parking lots for 2 cars *A mini market If you are a Property Specialist, Overseas Estate Agent, highly motivated individual and would like to share our success, then we would like to hear from you. We are currently looking to recruit new members in GCC-MENA, İRAN, Azerbaijan, EU, across the UK and internationally

آدرس: istanbul, üsküdar, kandilli , kandilli ترکیه 34684

بازدید شده: 1869
تاریخ درج: ۱۳۹۲/۰۱/۰۶
کد ملک: 5151ADB9D9652
دیدن پروفایل
تماس با مالک
نام: mihman elbuz
تلفن: 00905416091082
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